Dual Whatsapp Accounts For Iphone or Andriod for Web [Latest]

Dual Whatsapp Accounts for Web 2021 (Iphone + Andriod)

Every user has demand to Download dual whatsapp download Iphone. WhatsApp on Iphone provides a Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTPS)-secured web GUI for users to communicate and send/receive text, Videos, Audios messages. Unfortunately, like other websites, the need this application each time you visit that site. Hence, even Whatsapp update download has support for encryption with all browsers, still the web application can easily be hacked when a malicious old version of the application may be loaded. This problem may provide change to deliver all users messages to third party.




Good News!! Whatsapp update download now provide end-to-end encryption, this feature of iphone whatsapp apk ensures that a sent message will be encrypted into a secret message at its original sender’s phone and decrypt this message only the destination phone. User did’t concerned how this coding / decoding is done. Actually, it is using high level encryption protocol for encryption / decryption to secure WhatsApp user’s data. Single protocol did’t work safely so, it is recommended that Whatsapp update download necessary. Instead, we are concerned about WhatsApp’s security despite the best efforts of the Signal Protocol. For this feature you did’t need to reinstall whatsapp app.


  • How to double whatsapp app on iphone: you can download this app from the App Store
  • System requirements for iphone whatsapp apk: iOS 6 or later.
  • Version used in this guide: 2.16.2 or later
  • Level suggested: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Time required to download whatsapp on iphone: 10-15 minutes



Step 1: Download Dual Whatsapp Download Iphone:


On your iOS mobile, open the App Store and type “WhatsApp.” Click “Get,” then click “Install” next to the app WhatsApp Messenger. You can also download whatsapp for iPhone without iTunes.


After the downloading of WhatsApp finished, select “Open” to launch the app.


Step 2: Register and Verify your Phone Number :


Note: dual whatsapp download Iphone will ask to user for access to his/her contacts. If user grant this access, multi messenger for whatsapp will capture all contacts from phone. But if user do not grant this access, still user has right to manually add contacts one by one. By doing this user can make chat messages with these contacts, however iphone whatsapp apk do not allow you to make new audio / video call without granting WhatsApp access phone’s contacts. Furthermore, If user would like to send audio, video, photos, media, or files, it is necessary to give access to WhatsApp all files.


Press on “Continue” then press “Allow” for each option user wish to grant these permissions.




dual whatsapp in ios 11 will ask access to show notifications. Press “OK” when you receive new messages.




First, user have to accept the WhatsApp Terms, condition and Privacy Policy.




Press “Agree & Continue.” user will then see a screen that will ask to confirm country code.




Enter mobile phone number and press “Done.” Soon there will be a confirmation dialogue.




To confirm your phone number please press “YES”, iphone whatsapp apk will sent an SMS text with a six-digit code. Enter this code into the dialogue.




By following all above said process on phone, the following screen will be appeared “Verify security code”




User will receive string of 60 numbers. Most noteworthy, User can verify this string manually or by scanning QR code which appears on this screen.




Hence: By completing all above said steps, it is assured that all communication done through this device will be secret and secure. Also, all your messages, audio, video files and contact numbers are only accessible by yourself. Many times, people ask what is whatsapp messengermulti messenger for whatsapp is applicable to both text messages within WhatsApp as well as WhatsApp voice calls occurred on this mobile phone.


Restore Whatsapp Backup | additional Security Settings:


Most probably in life there is no key changing required which had no cause for alarm. Whenever user delete whatsapp account,restore whatsapp backup, re-install or switching phones then this happened. So, there are possibility of third party performing a man-in-the-middle attack which causes loss of data etc. To avoid these kinds of issues, it is good suggestion that always verify code at least once again when user make some major or dual whatsapp Iphone. Usually, it doesn’t prompt even user makes majors changes. To enable additional security setting, searching Settings → Account → Security, and slide ‘Show security notifications’ to the right side.




iCloud to Backup / Restore double whatsapp app on iphone


Finally from your iphone whatsapp htv Open Settings → then click on Chats → then select Chat Backup to ensure cloud backups are turned off. Under “Auto Backup” choose the option “Off”.




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